New $3.4 Million 750 HP hyper car

HipHop On Wheels

So Arab country is coming out with new hyper car that could go from 0-60 miles in 2.8sec!


This is insane because most of American people would think Arabs only make bombs for terrorist attacks…

Well give them respect for manufacturing “Lykan Hypersport” Yes that is the name of the name of the car

Beirut-based W Motors will manufacture 7 units only of the Ultra Super Mega Hypercar!


Like from the title the car costs $3,400,000 dollars. The car puts down 750HP in rear wheels from Flat I-6 Twin-Turbo, mid-rear positioned engine producing over 1,000 Nm torque and eye popping 0-60 2.8 seconds!!

This car is capable of doing 390 KM/Hr(243 MPH) Well its not faster than Buggati Veyron and has smaller engine and it COSTs more than Veyron… I’m not sure if this car really is worth $3.4 dollars.



What do you guys think? Let’s have a…

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